Why pay huge amounts of your hard earned cash just to be disappointed?

We the only entertainment marketing company is South Africa who offer a “100% money back guarantee” on non – delivery of SERVICE!!! 



The Music Plugg was founded as a division of NeilT Music by Neil Thurston, who had a vision to offer a premium level of service and education in the South African music industry. He later partnered with Marlyn “Max” Harris to take services to new heights.

The company’s main objective is to “Plugg” or tap into the vast bank of resources and expertise in the industry in order to give clients maximum exposure, as well as opportunities to derive incomes from various streams. As seasoned entrepreneurs in the music industry, in excess of 15 years’ worth of experience, they understand the great need that exists for a fully customized product offering.

The Music Plugg’s services are, therefore, well suited to the diverse needs of artists across different genres in the local music landscape. The company is black owned, and has a level one BBBEE status and strive to work with and develop talent that is mainly from the previously disadvantaged demographic in South Africa.

“Our ethos is one of delivering absolute value to clients at the best possible price point”